Contour Next Link2.4 – FAQ


Is periodic checkback on Contour Next Link2.4 necessary?

Self-monitoring of blood glucose meters including Contour Next Link2.4 are designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as “medical devices under special maintenance checkback,” on which periodical checkback is required regally. However, checking plans (methods or frequency, etc.) is left entirely up to each hospital. You can refer to manuals on maintenance checkback of self-monitoring of blood glucose in the web site of Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care.

How many Contour Next Link2.4 meters can be linked to an insulin pump?

Up to six meters can be linked to one insulin pump. One meter can be linked to one insulin pump.

Is a blood glucose result under 20mg/dL or over 600mg/dL sent to the insulin pump?

The results will not be sent to Medtronic device, with an Error sign shown, if outside meter’s measurement range.

With blood glucose result under 20mg/dL, the following is shown:

  • E23: The BG result is under 20mg/dL. Please consult with the doctor immediately.

With BG result over 600mg/dL, the following is shown:

  • E21: The BG result is over 600mg/dL. Wash hands or test site and repeat the test with a new test sensor.

With BG result over 600mg/dL within 10 minutes, the following is shown:

  • E22: The BG result is over 600mg/dL again. Please call healthcare professional immediately.

Will the information of fasting, after-/pre-meal, sick day, stress, activity, etc. with auto-log on be sent to the insulin pump?

These log records are not sent to the pump, while only dates and blood glucose results are sent.

With remote bolus off in insulin pump, does the meter send test results to the pump?

Even with remote bolus off in insulin pump, the meter sends test results to the pump.

Can we cancel the bolus sent from Contour Next Link2.4?

A bolus cannot be canceled on the meter. You can cancel it on the pump.

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